A Taste of My Life

You can find the key to my heart in my kitchen. I learned to cook from my Italian Nana and my mother. I was always hanging around their kitchens when I was growing up, and these two wonderful women taught me a love for cooking (most especially baking) and feeding my family. I make dinner at home for my family almost every night and love every minute of it- except for the clean up! They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Well, I live with three men (one grown and two little ones), and I know for sure that the way to my family's heart is through great meals eaten together at our family table.

The recipes here are a combination of the tastes that I grew up with and those that I love sharing with my family today.  As a Navy wife, I have an ever evolving landscape of inspiration.  From the places I've lived to the friends I've made from across our beautiful nation.  In the end, the recipes you see here are a presentation of my own heart to you.

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