Sunday, July 21, 2013

My first impressions of Germany

So we've been on the ground in Germany for about 60 hours.  The jet lag is awful and we can't quite seem to get our body clocks to the correct time.  Everyone keeps telling us to give it time.  But it's hard to be patient when you want to get out of your hotel and go exploring.  I want to get the lay of the land and start feeling like I have a clue where I am or how to get places.  My body says I should do otherwise.  The first morning after what is possibly the largest and most varied buffet breakfast I've ever seen ( I promise to get a picture of the actual honeycomb that was out for swiping your spoon through- it was gorgeous!), my body refused to let me take a step out of the hotel.

So I took a three hour nap with my little man.  It was sublime.

But come late afternoon, we were standing on the train platform trying not to look like we had no idea where we were going.  We only got on the right train with a hope and a prayer.  My camera was firmly strapped around my neck ready to capture my very first impressions of Stuttgart.
 I was delighted by the pedestrian streets lined with outdoor seating and restaurants galore.  And the juxtaposition of the old, very old and super modern of a European city was so cool to witness.  We wandered down streets that were a bit dicey for the little ones and happened upon an international fest teeming with people listening to the salsa music being played on a mainstage.  Then there was the beautiful church at the edge of what I learned was called the schillerplatz, a lovely old city square where the people watching was top-notch.

Day 2 we headed for the nearby town of Sindelfingen for the fest celebrating the city's 750th birthday.  That's some serious history!  What a great atmosphere that city has (and gelato, and beir, and buildings...).  Oh, and the pig shanks...well, don't even get me started in how unbelievably awesome that crackly skin was. 

If it's all like this, I may be in love with my new home.  If only I cold get a handle on the language....

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