Thursday, February 20, 2014

Herb and Greek Yogurt Egg Salad

It's been a rough few weeks here folks.  I won't go into specifics, but needless to say there have been a lot of long, sleepless nights and many days spent in bed or vegging out on the couch recuperating from one illness after another.  I've found it impossible to find the time or mental where-with-all to make any food of note during this whole time.  There have been a lot of chicken soups and simple pastas.

But we're back in working order around our house and the sun has been shining here in southern Germany for the past few days.  It's made me feel much more optimistic after the bleary and rain sodden winter we've been having.  The market in the town square this morning was bursting with early spring beauty.  Everyone was selling tulips, spring onions, radishes and baby artichokes.  It seems the Earth is reviving herself at the same time that my family has shaken ourselves free of illness.  It seems fortuitous.

So I'm slowly working my way through the recipes that have been brewing in my head.  Starting small, I think, is the way to go here.  And, honestly, I can't think of a simpler way to introduce the first signs of spring.

This just happens to be the very first egg salad that I have eaten let alone made at home.  It always seemed a bit odd to me, a salad of chopped eggs and mayonnaise.  I've never been a mayo fan so that's probably the first reason why I shied away from egg salad.  But I thought I might give it a try the other day and was thoroughly surprised with how much I enjoyed the simple salad.  Lightened up with some herbs and Greek yogurt and paired with quite possible the best roll in the world- the German pretzel roll (or laugenbrotchen around these parts), this is an egg salad for the novice.  But truly, everyone will enjoy it.

Welcome to spring.

Herb and Greek Yogurt Egg Salad
Makes 4 servings.
For the printable recipe, click here.

I had a disastrous time trying to peel my eggs for this salad.  Perhaps that's what inspired the salad in the first place.  Craggy hard-boiled eggs are just not pretty enough for deviled eggs, so I needed an alternative.  Also, I didn't quite cook my eggs through enough so only a few of the yolks make it into the salad which is why the salad in the photos looks so pale.  I was fine with that, but yours will be a more traditional yellow color.  I suggest chives and parsley for the herbs here, but feel free to go with dill or tarragon if you prefer.  If you can't find pretzel bread ( I found it showing up at stores in the states before we left for Germany), a whole grain bread would be just at home in this sandwich.  Don't forget some sliced cucumbers- you will enjoy the freshness and crunch.

6 large eggs
2 tbs mayonnaise
2 tbs Greek yogurt
1tsp Dijon mistard
2 tsp chopped herbs (chives, parsley, dill or tarragon)
salt and pepper to taste

Place the eggs in a single layer in a saucepan.  Fill the pan with water to about an inch above the top of the eggs.  Bring the water slowly to a boil over medium heat.  Once the water just begins to simmer begin a timer.  Cook the eggs for 10 minutes. 

Remove the eggs from the heat after the 10 minutes.  Carefully pour the hot water from the pot and fill it with cool water to stop the eggs cooking.  When the eggs are cool, carefully peel and chop them to 1/2 inch dice.

Gently stir the chopped eggs, mayonnaise, Greek yogurt and herbs together in a medium bowl.  Season to taste with salt and pepper.  Keep the egg salad covered and in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

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